Hi my name is Jovawn and I am the CEO of Bunny District. A little background about me I was born in New York queens but lived most of my life in Jamaica ocho Rios. As a young boy growing up in Jamaica I was always into arts it was almost a part of coping. Fast forward to high school senior year, this is when usually kids start to figure out what they want to go to school for but me personally I didn't want to go to college so I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was at work one day cleaning dishes and I started thinking of various names I was going to use and how I was going to fulfill starting a business. I started brainstorming ideas for names and Bunny District was actually going to be Hype District at first but then I did not like that name so I changed it. And the rest is history. I want my brand to be inclusive, I want my brand to be accessible to all. and I want everyone to feel as sexy and as a boss the way I feel when I wear my clothing. Thx u all for the love and support.